Piano Club

About Piano Club:

Piano Club is an hour long music class, geared towards introducing the piano basics through group games and activities. Piano Club allows students to interact with one another to create a time of learning, fun, and continual development of their musical skills. This is the value of a group class. Children will receive motivation from fellow peers, accountability, fun interaction, friendships built with a commonality (piano), group games and activities. We will inspire creativity by incorporating art and composition through music and will learn basic theory in order to create our own musical compositions. The ultimate goal is to ignite the desire and passion to keep learning piano!


Our SUMMER PIANO CLUB will be an 8-week club during the months of June and July.


Information on club times will be announced in May.


 Contact Tara at tara@thecascademethod.com if you are interested in signing up, or being notified with updates!