The Modern Piano Theory Mini Course!

Ready to have FUN teaching theory!?

… then you’re in the right place!

Are you a creative piano teacher looking for a fun and easy approach to teaching theory?

The Modern Piano Theory Mini Course is a self-paced course that will walk you through the Cascade Method Piano Theory Book, showing you a very accessible way to teach theory to kids in a way that will have them asking you for more!

We live in 2022… We don’t need to use black and white theory books anymore! Kids want something fun and colorful!

It's time to teach theory
the modern way!


  • It will save you money by never having to buy another theory book!
  • You’ll ENJOY teaching theory yourself because you’ve never experienced the “Cascade Way!”
  • Your students won’t fight you to work on theory because it doesn’t LOOK or FEEL like theory! 
  • You can teach advanced concepts by approaching it a different way than how we were all traditionally taught. 
  • You can meet ANY student wherever they’re at because this book covers concepts from beginners to advanced!

Need I say more!?


See Students in Action Working on Theory!

Take a look inside!

This colorful theory book is like no other theory book you’ve ever seen! It has kids flipping through pages and ASKING to do theory!

From chords, to scales, to chord progressions, to interval and ear training, this book covers it all!

Jump into the book at any time and meet students exactly where they’re at!

Best part, this book is COMPLIMENTARY TO ANY METHOD BOOK your students are already using!

It's time to make Theory

Modern Piano Theory Mini Course

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SPECIAL PERK!!! When you purchase the Modern Piano Theory Mini Course, if you decide to upgrade to the full Cascade Method Training Program, your $350 cost for the mini course will be applied towards the full course!

But That's Not All You Get!

In addition to all the step by step video tutorials that will help you become ear trained pros, you’ll get access to…

50+ Cascade Method Piano Boom Decks

… the PDF Studio License of the Cascade Method Piano Theory Book!

This Modern Piano Theory Course is for YOU if...


If any of these resonate with you, then...

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