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Meet Tara

Piano Teacher? More like Piano Lover! 🎶

My admiration for the piano dates back to when I was four years old. 

My neighbor growing up taught voice lessons, and I would go over to her house every single day and watch her teach. After each lesson, I would run over to the piano and attempt to recreate what vocal warmups I had just heard. 

It wasn’t long before my neighbor let my mom in on this little love affair… So, as any loving mother would do, she put me in lessons immediately and saved up to buy me a piano. From that moment forward, I’ve lived and breathed the instrument and now, it’s my life mission to turn every student into a life-long musician who is truly passionate about playing the piano. 

Fun fact!

“Olivia the Octopus was illustrated to resemble me!”

Tara Boykin

How the Cascade Method Came to Life

Once I was exposed to the musical world, I made my life piano-packed ever since! I studied at the Conservatory of Fontainebleau in France when I was 13, started teaching my own students at 14, and composing my own music at 16. I finished up high school through the Preparatory Division of the San Francisco Conservatory and went on to get my degree from Chapman University. I hold my bachelor’s in Music Therapy, specializing in special needs education.

Little did I know, at 14 years old, I was curating a piano method that would one day become this business — the Cascade Method.

I never stopped teaching once I started.

My piano teaching career is how I put myself through college and once I graduated, I realized there wasn’t really any reason to stop. I KNEW this is what I wanted to keep doing forever! With a full roster of happy students and a growing waitlist of new, eager families, I knew that in order to sustain my teaching career, I was going to need some help. 

I began asking my older students if they wanted to teach some lessons. Suddenly, their schedules were filling up too, and I had to start searching for even more piano teachers outside my studio. Once I started partnering with other seasoned teachers, I found myself teaching them how to play piano my way — or in better words, the fun way!

Unintentionally, over my years and years of teaching piano to hundreds of students from all different walks of life, I developed an entire method of teaching that was proven to work. After seeing so much success, I knew I had to make it accessible to passionate teachers ALL over! Every single tip, tool, trick, and technique you find here has already been proven to work on a long line of students from all over…

That’s why you can confidently trust the Cascade Method as your trusted guide to making musicians for life! 🎶

Our Mission

A movement for all teachers and students to discover and deepen their understanding and passion for the piano in a fun and revolutionary way.

I have a program that can help you make more money, keep long-term clients, and grow your piano teaching career to the point where you need a waitlist.

With tools that are proven to accelerate your students’ learning and fun teaching methods that hook all students from the start, the Cascade Method will help you grow your career. We are passionate educators that curate piano resources with kids in mind. Everything we do, we try to make it as fun and current as possible, allowing kids to fully embrace the beauty and fun that comes from playing the instrument!

What Parents, Teachers, and Students Have to Say About The Cascade Method

Tara lives in Novato, CA with her husband and pet cats, Simba and Princess. In October 2020, they welcomed their first baby boy, Jordan Thomas Boykin to the world. Tara still privately teaches a full roster of students while managing and running her local music school, as well as coaching piano teachers all over the globe through the Cascade Method online training program. When she’s (surprisingly) not playing piano, she’s soaking up each little moment with her baby boy and conjuring up new ways to make piano even more fun for students!

Calling all non-traditional teachers who are truly passionate about piano and hate formalities...

it’s time to have some fun!

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