Designed as a grand staff made of magnetic, whiteboard material, NoteMatch sits directly behind the black keys of the piano, allowing students to see exactly where the notes in their sheet music correspond with the keys on the piano. 

Because of its writable and erasable material, NoteMatch can be used song after song, until you or your student is an expert sight reader! Its perfect dimensions fit nice and snug on ALL pianos — from keyboards, to uprights, to grand pianos! With the help of this piano reading tool, your students will learn to read music in their very first lesson. 

This tool is the missing visual element your students need to comprehend sheet music.

If there’s anything all piano teachers can agree on when it comes to teaching piano to kids it’s that we need tools that help US as much as THEM! 

NoteMatch does the work for you!

... all while having fun!

ummmmm….. YES PELASE!!!!

Not only does NoteMatch help all piano beginners understand the correct location of notes on the piano, but it also allows students to experience hands-on learning. Made of magnetic material, students can color directly on the tool or play fun, interactive games by using magnets and whiteboard markers!

It’s the solution to sight reading!

Teach Your Students to Read Music

in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Benefit #1

Understand the correct location of the notes on the piano

Benefit #2

Accelerate the reading process

Benefit #3

Places directly behind the black keys of any piano

Benefit #4

Have FUN while learning to read music

The visual tool that helps all ages read music

in a fun and interactive way

What are teachers and students saying about NoteMatch?

NoteMatch has helped so many pianists understand the location of notes, as well as helped teachers instruct on note reading! The success stories that have come from the creation of NoteMatch are unbelievable. With the help of this piano reading tool, your students will learn to read music within just one lesson!

There's a growing collection of NoteMatch Boom Cards!

The Fun Piano Method Book that Pairs Directly with NoteMatch!

Introducing NoteMatch Book 1

A book that teaches students to read from scratch

With fun and interactive pages, this method book doesn’t feel like work to students! 🤪

The book is covered in cute illustrations and incorporates the note reading game app, Note Rush, which is an app that all students LOVE! It’s never been easier to learn how to read notes!

NoteMatch bridges the gap

between reading music and understanding where those notes are located on the piano.

Take it from one of our own Cascade Certified Teachers, Betsy! She gained 26 students in a month, and it just LOVING her online lessons with the help of the NoteMatch piano reading tool paired with the NoteMatch Book 1!

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Woohoo! Ready to teach notes the easy way!?

Let’s just say this is the perfect MATCH for your students 🎶
Pair more fun with NoteMatch by shopping our Piano Method Book Collection and fun, corresponding games and sheet music!