NoteMatch (Piano Reading Tool)


A grand staff made of whiteboard material that sits directly behind the black keys of the piano, Note Match allows you to see exactly where the notes in the music correspond with the keys on the piano. Because of its writable and erasable material, Note Match can be used, song after song, until you or your student is a music theory pro. Its perfect dimensions fits nice and snug on ALL pianos, from keyboards, to uprights, to grand pianos!

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NoteMatch is a piano reading tool that helps students comprehend the process of reading notes at an accelerated pace. NoteMatch is a tangible product that is placed directly behind the black keys of any piano — from keyboards to uprights to grand pianos! This tool helps students understand the music notes that are on any page of sheet music in relation to their location on the piano keys. The grand staff tool is made of whiteboard material so your students can experience hands-on learning. The success stories that have come from the creation of NoteMatch are unbelievable. With the help of this piano reading tool, your students will learn to read music within just one lesson!


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