Clapping in 4/4 Time Signature

Have you seen videos where students have 4 cards in front of them, clap the rhythm, and then the teacher adds another card and changes ONE beat? Well, this is my attempt at creating a boom deck that does just that!

It was so hard to make, and the possibilites are endless, but this is an incredible boom deck to have your students reinforce all sorts of rhythm patterns.

The only way to know if the student is clapping it out correctly, is if you’re with them. Students will clap the card written out in front of them, maybe 2 to 4 rounds, and when they’re ready, they tap ONE beat. That one beat will change, keeping everything else the same!

They keep doing that until they’re ready to stop, or until they read a card that says “tap here to start a new rhythm.”

Notes included in this deck are: quarter, half, dotted half, whole, eighth notes, and then the quarter rest. There are so many different combinations of all these notes!

Your students will be pros at rhythm after going through this deck!



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