Directional Reading with Middle C, D and E

This is a great deck for students who are just starting to read on the staff and concentrating on directional reading. The notes covered in this deck are Middle C, D and E.

Students will need to drag the arrows into the noteheads, indicating if the notes go up, down, or stay the same. Students are given a starting note (with a letter). The only reason I’ve added that is that these cards can double as sight reading cards once they’ve added their arrows (or even without!). With the starting note, especially if you have beginners, they’ll be able to read the short segments.

The intervals covered in this deck are unisons, steps and skips at most.

There’s one intro card. Students will only be required to go through 9 cards after that! I chose a small number because dragging the arrows may take some time for each note, depending on the slides they get!



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