Hooked on Piano

Hooked on Piano is the perfect book for to start learning piano! If your chid is a beginner, and has little to no experience, you’ve come to the right place. Tara’s non-traditional approach to teaching will have kids “Hooked on Piano” from their very first lesson!

Throughout the book (and course!), students will learn dozens of songs, compose music, play games, perform in front of other kids, learn all the fundamentals of music, gain confidence, feel empowered and most importantly, have FUN while falling in love with piano!

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1 review for Hooked on Piano

  1. Judi Van Dyke (verified owner)

    Hooked On Piano is exactly the right title for this book! A real plus for my littlest students who want to play a song right now, don’t read a single note and are just beginning to understand keyboard geography. And a real plus for my studio bottom line because new students who process information differently don’t quit in frustration, they can see themselves as musicians from day one. This approach is exactly right for so many new students!!

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