Musical Spot It

This is the Boom Deck version of Cascade Method’s Musical Spot It game! This game is one of the biggest hit in my studio and is bound to be the biggest hit in yours! I had to figure out a way to get this Musical Spot It in the hands of my online students, so what better way than through Boom Cards!

This 71 boom deck puts two spot it cards next to one another and the student needs to spot and tap the two matching musical elements. This is great for beginners! Even if they don’t necessarily know the musical terms, they start seeing and internalizing them.

Pretend Bonus Points are given if the student can name the matching elements!

If you teach group classes, you can always have the kids race to see who finishes the 20 cards first! Kids love a good little game of competition!

You can find the physical version of this game here!

You can also preview this deck here!

Hope you enjoy =)))


Watch the video to see what piano boom deck is about!



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