Piano Keys (Pop Method)

This boom deck is great for beginners who are learning their piano keys!

Students will have to tap the closest piano key to the star that matches the big letter they see on top of the keyboard! If they see an arrow, that means the piano key is 5 or more notes away. If the arrow points down, students need to touch the piano key to the left of the star. If the arrow points up, they’ll need to touch the piano key to the right of the star.

This method is based off of my “Pop Method” where students play songs with letters written out as ABC… The rule is that they always need to play the closest note to the previous one, but if the note is 5 or more notes away, there will be arrows so that they know exactly which note to play.

This is also a great way to just reinforce piano keys. Often, If a student is on a C, and they see a B, they play the one that’s 7 notes away instead of the one that’s just to the left. So this boom deck is great for helping students also practice the musical alphabet in both directions!



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