Beginner Piano Bundle

This bundle contains 7 decks that are perfect for beginner piano lessons! These decks are amazing for young beginners who are just starting to learn piano! This bundle covers everything from finger numbers, to the piano pattern, and to whole and half steps.

This bundle includes:
– Star Piano Keys ~ White Piano Key Note Recognition for Beginners (A, B, C, D, E, F, & G)
– Sorting Piano Sets of Two and Three Black Keys in a Fun Underwater Theme
– Piano Pattern ~ Recreating the Piano Keyboard with Sets of Two and Three Black Keys
– Identifying piano Sets of 2 and 3 Black Keys
– Whole and Half Steps (Recognizing Intervals on the Piano)
– Piano Finger Numbers for Beginners (star Themed)
– Beginner Puzzle Piano keys ~ Valentines Day Themed

You will save $5 by purchasing this Boom Bundle! Individually these decks cost $15!



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