Butterfly Chords & Scales

I made little cards with keyboards and butterflies on the keys which form major and minor chords! It pairs perfectly with this cute board game with Minnie Winnie You can also play this game to help reinforce scales! I love being able to adapt games so that you can get multiple uses out of them more bang for your buck

The cards that come with this game have “butterfly chords” on the keyboard, so I would encourage kids to play them on the piano to be able to identify if they’re major or minor chords. The deck of cards also come with text that say “move back one space,” or “move back five spaces.” There are stars in the board, ⭐️ that go from small to big, so if a student lands on a spot with a little star, they’ll go up to the next spot with the big star. If you don’t play with the cards the student will always move forward.

However you can also play this game without the deck of cards and play with dice ✨ Whatever spot the student lands on, have the student name the chord and play it on the piano ✨


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    Erika P.

    It’s so fun for my students

    May 14, 2024
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    This is such a cute game for students working on learning their chords. I love how easy it is to use and how much fun it is to play! I definitely recommend purchasing it for your studio!

    June 29, 2021
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    Judi Van Dyke Piano Studio

    I use this game for fun, effective hands-on music theory with my piano students. Highly recommend!

    June 28, 2021

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