Find Middle C, D and E on the Staff (Great for Beginners)

This deck of 85 cards will help students become more confident in finding Middle C, D, and E! When I teach new pieces to very young beginners, I play “I Spy” and have them find a specific note throughout the piece. This makes them feel confident! I do this for every note. So I turned that activity into a boom deck!

Students will see a big letter (either C, D or E) on top of the staff, which is the note they need to find! There could be one, or several!

The best part of this boom deck is that the cards can double (or triple) as sight reading cards, as well as rhythm cards! Students can play the notes on the piano, or they can clap the rhythm. However, none of those would be self correcting, but rather an activity you can do with them if you wanted to make sure they’re playing or clapping correctly.



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