Musical Terms with Hammerhead Shark

This is a great game to reinforce all those musical terms! See below for more detailed instruction.


If you’re short on time, you can play this game in its simplest form. Roll a dice and name the terms you land on. Follow the path all the way until you get to the “D.C.” al Fine, then go back to the beginning and stop at the word Fine! If you’re even shorter on time, you can stop once a student lands on the Hammerhead Shark!

If you have more time, roll the dice and name the terms you land on. If you land on a blue circle, follow that symbol’s direction. For example, if you land on the repeat sigh, go back to the “Start repeat.” If you land on the “D.S. al Coda,” follow its music rule (where you go to the segno sign, until you find the coda sign, and then go to the actual coda. If you land on the “D.C. al Fine,” go back to the beginning and end at the word “Fine.” This is a great way to reinforce those confusing music symbols!

You can always make the game more advanced by having students pick up a “rhythm card” if they land on a rhythm. Or demonstrate how to use the “Pedal” if they land on the “Ped” sign. If a student lands on a dynamic, have them play a short piece using that dynamic.

Get creative and share your ideas below!

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    A great game to see what your students really know about musical terms. Students learn faster when it’s fun! If a student is having one of those days, a fast way to get them through the lesson is a game! try any of Tara’s games your will find they are all great! M.Ely

    April 30, 2021

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