Root Beer Rhythms with Polar Bear!

Use this fun St. Paddy’s-inspired game to reinforce note values!

See below for detailed instructions!



Roll a dice 🎲 to move your pawn forward.

If you land on a rhythm note 🎵,  name that kind of note and clap it out. 👏🏼

If you land on a Root Beer 🍺, you must clap 👏🏼 all the rhythms between the root beer you landed on, and the previous one.

If you land on a hat 🎩, you become the leader. Create your own rhythm and the group, or opponent must imitate it back to you.

This game goes pretty quick, so if you want it to last longer, if the student doesn’t name the rhythm correctly, they must go back to the beginning!


Print direction:

Print on letter sized paper and laminate if desired.


Materials needed: 

  • Dice 🎲


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