100 Days of Practice Book 2

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All kids love a challenge, especially when there’s an incentive. The Cascade Method 100 Days to Practice Books encourages students to practice for 100 days in a row to complete a practice-inspired picture! 

Book 1 was such a hit that we decided to make another one with 10 NEW, kid-friendly designs! 

For both boys and girls, your students will not only be encouraged to practice but they’ll also look forward to it since they get to continue to color in their pretty picture of choice! Filled with a variety of designs, the 100 Days to Practice Book 2 features illustrations including a big birthday cake, a touchdown pass, and several cute animals!  

The Cascade Method is always looking for fun and encouraging ways to motivate students to practice. Although we are a movement to teach the piano in a revolutionary way, our mission is to make musicians for life—regardless of the instrument! We hope these practice coloring books help to instill a lifelong love for music throughout each and every page. 

♥️ Tara

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