Student Duets Book 1: Pop Song Method (PDF)

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Duets inspired by The Cascade Method Students. Students that happen to be just like… yours! The Student Duets Book 1 is filled with beautiful duets that were inspired by the students of The Cascade Method Program. Tara Boykin, Owner of The Cascade Method, was having trouble continuing to create memorable duets to teach her students. She thought, why not put the power of what they play in their own hands? Just like that, a long list of incredible duets was originated from real-life students… that happen to be just like yours! Each duet begins with the help of The Cascade Method Piano Theory Book- where students will learn a scale, and from that scale, a beautiful piece is written! Tara wanted to show that teaching such a boring and mundane thing like a scale can still lead to the creation of incredible music. Once the scale is learned, students will know every single note used in the duet and gain major confidence. When you involve your students in the creation process, something magical happens. In other words, a second edition of Student Duets is sure to hit the market in no time! Recordings of each duet can be heard on Youtube, Spotify, or Apple Music!


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