Rhythm Potions

Add this Halloween-Themed Rhythm Potions game for some extra fun in your studio!

There’s a rhythm dice included, that you can cut up, and tape/glue together. However, I would personally buy a dollar store dice that has whiteboard circles on it, where you could manually draw out the rhythm you want to reinforce.

I also added a rhythm wheel or some little cards you can print double sided. It truly depends on the amount of time you have to laminate and cut! But at least you have options!

If you don’t have any time, you can always download this Rhythm Potions Boom Card and use this as the “dice!”

This board can also serve to reinforce other concepts other than rhythm. If you have young beginners learning their finger numbers, you can use these “Piano Hand Cards” and move forward on the board according to the finger number the kids pull.

Use your imagination to get multiple uses out of this board!




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