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You Need This Halloween Duets Book For Your Lessons this Fall

Fall has always been one of my favorite times of year. 😍 The leaves changing, the holidays approaching, and alllll the super fun ways to incorporate festive activities into my piano lessons! Duh. 😜😂👏🏻 

If you’re new around here, Cascade Method is all about teaching how to play piano with an effective (and fun) method to better engage and retain students — ensuring that they’re eager to return for their next lesson AND send their friends. 😉 As your roster list grows so will your studio, and just like that, teaching the piano will be SO MUCH MORE than just a side gig. 👏🏻

Although our training program is our biggest offering for piano teachers, that’s not all the Cascade Method has to offer. We also have a full collection of piano books that help teachers incorporate our teaching methods with engaging activities which also happens to include some super fun holiday-themed books and activities!!! 

With that said, our Halloween Fun! Duets Book is exactly what you need to bring into your studio this fall to have a little spooktacular fun with your students! 

Halloween-themed duets for piano lessons

What’s Inside the Halloween Fun Book 1?

The Halloween Fun Book is my favorite activity to bust out this time of year. This book is filled with Cascade original duets that YOUR students are going to looooooooooove playin! “Pumpkins in Cahoots” and “Trick or Treating Ghosts” are just a few of our most played duets out of the full book, which includes 10 total! 

It also doubles as a festive coloring book with coloring activities on each page!!! With our cute spooky characters and illustrations, your students can have extra fun while learning in this book! I like to have students color in the pages as they learn each song so that the whole book is colored in once they’ve mastered it! This is just another way to reinforce positive feedback when learning. 

Halloween-Themed Duets for Teacher and Student 

Here are a few videos of my students and I playing Trick or Treating Ghosts together! I love how duets give students a chance to feel like they’re playing a more complicated song, while only having to focus on their simpler part. 

Here’s my student, Colin making major progress on his part of Pumpkins in Cahoots! (Our most popular duet played!)

If you want to get a full preview into the songs this book has to offer, check out this playlist where I recorded each duet within the book! 

Tips on Playing Duets with Your Students  

Duets make for a fun and interactive activity and they are incredibly beneficial for students of all levels. These songs allow students to focus on their song, while you get to add a little extra spazazz! 

Duets help students and teachers get involved in the lesson and they literally sound SO good!! Students LOVE feeling like they are playing a significant part in a really cool, advanced piece so partnering in duets with your students (in general) is super beneficial for their confidence and excitement alone! 

Here are a few of my favorite duets with some of my students:

Duets give students the opportunity to be a part of a more complicated piece without having to actually learn anything that’s outside of their comfort level and they make for an interactive activity for both the student and teacher to be fully involved in! 

Holiday-themed duets make for the perfect recital piece! Here are a few of my favorite recital duets live in action: 

Different Ways to Bring Halloween Fun to Your Piano Lessons!

Bringing holiday festivities into your piano studio can help spice up lessons and get students excited to come back. Of course, offering Halloween candy is one of the best ways to celebrate the fall season at piano lessons, so get ready to raid the candy aisle next time you’re at the store!! BUT… giving away candy only goes so far. 

Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate Halloween fun into piano lessons:

1)  Incorporate Halloween-themed duets into your lessons

Have I mentioned that this is my favorite way to bring Halloween fun into piano lessons?  Go ahead and grab your copy of Halloween Fun Book 1 and choose from one of our ten fun duets to play along with your students and get into the spooky spirit! We even offer studio license options, so if you’re teaching online and want your entire studio to get in on these fun duets, this would be a great option for you! 

2) Try Halloween-themed boom cards 

Boom cards are interactive, online-based activities that help students practice note identification and so much more! This fun game can be played during lessons or at home for extra reinforcement. We actually offer a set of Halloween-themed boom cards that your students are gonna love!! Pro tip: Anyone who has access to the Cascade Method Course also gains free access to all of the boom card decks! (Spoiler alert: there’s a bunch!!!) 

3) Bring on the CANDY! 

It may seem like a no-brainer but Halloween candy is a great way to bring some festive fun into your piano lessons this fall. I like to keep a big bag of Halloween candy on hand for my students to offer at the end of lessons. I’ll also give holiday-themed stickers throughout the lesson as a little incentive and encouragement. 

Hopefully, these simple tips can help you throw the most spooktacular and wickedly cute piano lessons your studio has ever offered! If you have any tips or traditions for incorporating holiday fun into your lessons, comment below! We’d love to hear from you. 

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Until next time, have a GREAT and HAPPY Halloween!  

Happy Halloween from Cascade Method

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