How to Teach Fun Piano Lessons: Pop Song Method Revealed!

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Are you still teaching outdated methods to your students? There is a way to teach fun piano lessons and I’m going to share with you my secret sauce on how to do so! 

I know how it feels when students start to become bored and unmotivated to learn the piano. I have always had a deep passion for piano, therefore, it really made no sense to me as to why students would start lessons with me and have little to no motivation or interest in the instrument. It broke my heart to imagine all these students missing out on the fun of the piano. I had to find a way to convert every piano quitter into piano lovers

All of a sudden, it dawned on me. I knew the exact method to make every student excited and pumped about learning the piano.

How do I make my piano lessons fun? 

Through pop songs, of course! By the end of this article, you will have a solid idea of how to become a pop song pro and make all your students excited to come to practice each week! You’re probably thinking, “Okay- wait, Tara. I don’t even know how to play pop songs myself!” 

That’s what this article is for! You will need to learn how to play any pop song so you can teach it to your students. So, without further due, let’s embrace that old phrase, “Don’t knock it till you try it!” Here we go!

How to teach your students fun piano lessons: POP SONG METHOD REVEALED 

Whether you have beginner students or seasoned students, you can teach them how to play pop songs regardless of their level of skill. 

There is no way you can teach a beginner student how to read pop song sheet music. The rhythm, keys, and notes are going to be expert-level from what they’re used to, but you can teach pop songs through The Cascade Pop Song Method!


Each pop song that I teach is taught in the original key by reinforcing ear training and chord knowledge. Below, you’ll have full access to THREE video pieces of my training program that reveal each step I take during a lesson that introduces pop songs! Basically, you’re getting only one full unit of my Pop Song Method Training, where there are over 30 units in the pop song module…

This gives you a deeper look into all the value and resources that are within the Cascade Method Teacher Training Program. Pop songs are just one of the many modules that I teach other piano instructors with the hopes to create a fun, engaging way to teach piano to all students around the world! Go ahead, watch this video and be amazed at what you and your students will do in your next lesson! 

This last video is from one of my live FB/IG workshops. I do LIVE workshops once a month in my private FB group! Join the group here! 


Ultimately, you want your students to develop their ear training so well that they can pick up any pop song of their choice by listening. It can take years of practice and training, but many of my students have reached that goal with a burning desire! Once they know they can play the music that they like, they’re much more involved and willing to learn.

It’s okay if your students learn in different ways. After all, they are at different levels. Some of my students choose to print out the lyrics and write the notes above and add the chords, while others print the lyrics as a guide and figure out everything by ear and just play it. Then, there are some others that don’t do any of that and just listen and start playing along! 

Lastly, some of you may teach in groups, and teaching a song by ear may be difficult. An alternative using pop songs could be using them as a base or as “sheet music” for your class. Since everything would already be written out (melody and chords), you would be there to help them learn each section (surpassing the ear training aspect of it).  Teaching these songs that way could save you a lot of time and your students would be learning pop songs at the SPEED OF LIGHT! Some may even take home the sheets and literally come back next class playing the whole thing! 

You’ll be overwhelmingly proud and surprised when this happens but it does! You never know until you try and that goes for you and your students.


The Cascade Method is an online piano teacher training program that guides you on fun methods and unique techniques that will help you teach your students how to become well-rounded musicians who are sincerely passionate about playing the piano. Pop songs are just one of the many methods to the madness and if you become a Cascade Method-Certifed Teacher, you’ll have over 30 units of Pop Song education and much more! Learn more about what’s inside the program here!

Oliva the Octopus playing on the piano

Why should I bother with the Pop Song Method?

If you’re on the fence about adding pop songs to your lesson plan, let me encourage you a little further. 

Not only does the pop song method build your student’s skill sets in regards to ear training and understanding chords but students also have a complete mental shift when they start to learn pop songs. 

It’s so important for students, especially kids, to feel understood and “cool.” When your students learn pop songs, not only will they go home and actually practice but they’ll show them off to their friends, too! It’s cool to know how to play the songs that they are currently listening with all their friends on the radio. Check this video out of my student playing. Oh, and guess what? He figured out about 95 percent of this pop song all on his own!

It’s a confidence booster. Students will feel so empowered when they start to play the songs by their favorite artists. Once students understand the opportunity that awaits in the instrument, they’ll want to continue playing! They get fired up about creating music that they like- all of a sudden, piano makes sense in their world! You want your students to be excited about learning the piano, don’t you?

Click here to watch DOZENS of videos from my students playing Pop Songs!

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