Tara Boykin

Tara has been classically trained since the age of four and a half. In 2000, she studied in France with a professor from the Conservatory of Fontainbleau. Upon her return to San Francisco, she studied under a teacher affiliated with the Conservatory of Music of San Francisco. This teacher urged her to audition for the preparatory division of the Conservatory. Tara was accepted and studied for two years under the wing of Sima Kouyoumdjian. In 2010, Tara graduated from Chapman University with a B.M in Music Therapy. She completed her interternship at Music To Grow on in Sacramento, working with children with disabilities.   Tara has released three albums thus far. Her first, "Cascade" in 2009,, her second, "Petites inspirations" in 2010, and her third, "My Love For You," in 2011. All three albums are available on Pandora and iTunes! Tara has been working on her 4th album since 2010. This album, "Unchained" is very different from her first three, incorporating 17 other orchestral instruments (i.e. violin, cello, double bass, french horn, harp, flute, clarinet... and the list goes on). She has written and arranged all the parts. This album is currently in the works. If you would like to be a sponsor/supporter, click here. Tara is a private piano instructor in Marin and has opened her own school, Cascade Melody School of Music.


Piano Recital 101: Your Must-Know Tips for Recital Preparation

It’s that time of year in the piano world when the biggest buzzword is “recital.”  Whether you’re hosting your first recital or your 10th, the goal is always this: Make sure that every student has a memorable and enjoyable experience.  This means that students need to feel comfortable with the piece they’re going to perform!

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