My Top Teaching Products for 2023

I know I always say this, but can you believe it is almost the new year?! With 2 little ones always keeping me on my toes and a bustling business, I swear I blink and it’s winter. They say time flies when you’re having a blast, and let me tell you, I couldn’t agree more! 😜♥️

These final few weeks of December are my favorite time to reflect on the past year and start envisioning what I want for the year ahead. Seriously, planning and goal setting is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your kids, business, health, finances….everything!! 👏💭

Okay, let’s talk GROWTH

⭐Are you aiming to grow your waitlist? 

⭐Thinking of taking a course for your own growth? 

⭐Maybe you’ve been teaching piano lessons for passive income, but now you’re ready to make it your full-time gig?

⭐What about teaching group lessons?

As I reflect on this year, I’m excited to share the products that I have seen help my business and my students THRIVE! While I am always on the lookout for new tools and resources, there are just some that I always come back to. I mean, if it’s not broke… 🤷🏼‍♀️😏

Here are the MVPS ⬇️


Chords Book 

With the proper teaching method, learning chords is not only easy but also extremely fun! Once your students go through this book, they will never have a problem reading chords again. 

The Cascade Method Chords 1 Book teaches students every fundamental involving chords, ranging from C major and C minor; D major and D minor; all the way to B major and B minor! With a four-step framework for each given chord and additional bonus pages that are filled with fun, interactive practice, your students will not only remember all their chords but also enjoy studying them! 

The intention of the Chords 1 Book is to reinforce chord reading, teach students how to notice chords throughout any given piece and understand chord patterns!

Beginner Piano Bundle

If you are teaching beginners and are looking for a way to get them excited about learning piano, then look no further! This Beginner’s Piano Bundle contains 7 Boom Card Decks that are perfect for beginners. This bundle covers everything from finger numbers and the piano pattern to whole and half steps.


– Star Piano Keys ~ White Piano Key Note Recognition for Beginners (A, B, C, D, E, F, & G)

– Sorting Piano Sets of Two and Three Black Keys in a Fun Underwater Theme

– Piano Pattern ~ Recreating the Piano Keyboard with Sets of Two and Three Black Keys

– Identifying piano Sets of 2 and 3 Black Keys

– Whole and Half Steps (Recognizing Intervals on the Piano)

– Piano Finger Numbers for Beginners (star Themed)

– Beginner Puzzle Piano keys ~ Valentine’s Day Themed

Hooked on Piano 

These are the exciting lessons you’ve been looking for! Hooked on Piano is the perfect book for those who are just learning piano! 

If your child is a beginner with little to no experience, you’ve come to the right place. This non-traditional approach to teaching will have kids “Hooked on Piano” from their very first lesson! 😉

Throughout the book (there’s a training course too!) students will learn dozens of songs, compose music, play games, perform in front of other kids, learn all the fundamentals of music, gain confidence, feel empowered, and most importantly, have FUN while falling in love with piano!

Take a look inside!

You can grab this book on Amazon too!

NoteMatch Reading Tool

Ready to teach notes the fun way? This is the ONLY tool you need to read music. NoteMatch bridges the gap between reading music and understanding where those notes are located on the piano. 

Designed as a grand staff made of magnetic, whiteboard material, NoteMatch sits directly behind the black keys of the piano, allowing students to see exactly where the notes in their sheet music correspond with the keys on the piano. 

Because of its writable and erasable material, NoteMatch can be used song after song, until you or your student is an expert sight-reader! Its perfect dimensions fit nice and snug on ALL pianos — from keyboards, to uprights, to grand pianos! With the help of this piano reading tool,  your students will learn to read music in their very first lesson. 

You can also pair NoteMatch with the coordinating book AND Boom Cards!! 🥳

Piano Favorites Book 

Everybody’s Favorites to Play on the Piano Designed for Older Beginner Students. The Cascade Method Piano Favorites Book 1 is a collection of everyone’s favorite classic and popular pieces played on the piano. From Für Elise to The Pink Panther Theme, this book teaches beginners of all ages the world-renowned pieces that they’ll be proud to play all on their own. 

Piano Favorites Book 1 is taught with The Cascade Method Pop Song Method, and is intended for students who are early in their practice yet have acquired some piano experience. This teaching approach helps students play extraordinary pieces quickly and easily by learning notes as they are physically written out — taking away the difficulty of rhythm while reinforcing the simplicity of ear training. By incorporating this book into your note-reading lessons, your students will learn beautiful, famous pieces and gain immediate confidence in their passion for piano. 



A really fun game for practicing note reading on a music staff that is customizable to your student’s level. NoteRush works like a virtual flashcard deck that listens to each note you play and then gives instant feedback based on speed and accuracy! 

Guitar Tabs (app)

This is my FAVE app for teaching pop songs and it’s truly AMAZING for teaching chords. 

When teaching my Pop Song Method, I find the song I’m teaching, transpose it to get the original key, and then color code the lyrics by chord. 

*In my Pop Song Mini Course I show you different ways to color code because students learn in different ways. 🙂

Rhythm Swing

Students can learn, practice, and play rhythm with a cute monkey and alligator, all in one app! Learn about each note, how it works, and what it looks like. Then, play fun games to put their rhythm knowledge to the test!

Boom Cards

If you have been hanging around Cascade Method for a while, then you know I LOVE me some Boom Cards!! I use Boom Learning for teaching and assigning Boom Cards to my students. 

FYI: In order to use any Boom Cards, you need to have a Boom Learning account (the basic plan is free!) 

If you don’t have a Boom Learning account, I have an FAQ blog that outlines the process of signing up, creating a classroom, assigning decks, and adding more Boom Cards to your account!

Whole Foundation Method 

Whole Foundation Method is an Etsy shop and I LOVE all of her products! All of her games are so fun and SO cute 🥰

Jodi’s Book: Clap Once 

I’ve loved using this book with my students! This picture book is great for beginners, as it explores rhythm with basic notes and rests.