Scaling my Piano Teaching Business

Ever heard the term “scaling” and wondered if it’s more than just piano scales? 😂 Well, we aren’t talking musical notes; we are talking about really expanding and growing your piano teaching business!!

So, what’s been lingering on your to-do list for a while?

Perhaps it’s time to start taking that course you’ve had bookmarked for months, or maybe you’re ready to dive into a YouTube channel. Dare I suggest… it’s time to raise your prices?!

Scaling your business doesn’t happen overnight, but growth requires little steps every day. Brace yourself because it’s not always linear. There might be tough times, but I promise, consistency and dedication will see you through.

My Timeline of Growth:

The Prelude:

If you can imagine, I was just 14 when I started teaching piano! I had nooo idea what I was doing, I charged a really low rate and occasionally got walked all over. 🫣😅 I wasn’t giving up though and continued to teach all the way through college.

The Turning Point:

My first year out of college felt like the true starting point of my business. I had completed an internship and was determined to keep growing. By 24, my school was really booming!! I was actually MAXED out with 40+ students and teaching SEVEN days a week. 😮‍💨😱 I knew if I wanted to keep scaling, I had to get smart about my next steps. So… I started outsourcing my students and other teachers. The next thing I knew, I was the owner of a piano school. At one point I even had 14 teachers!

Building a Business

In 2016, I took another leap and released my first Cascade book (Piano Theory!). This marked the beginning of creating a comprehensive program, which I then successfully launched that same year. The Cascade Method Program not only enhanced my own teaching methods but also became a tool to help other teachers in their own piano lessons!

Still Growing…

Even in the slowdown of 2020 (thanks, Covid!) I was still creatively thriving. Pregnant with Jordan, I wrote 14 books! Looking back, this time was pivotal in my business’s growth. I embraced online teaching, opening doors for kids everywhere to take piano lessons!

Present Day:

Today, my school is smaller, but I’m still teaching and creating resources for fellow piano teachers. I have two beautiful boys that I love dearly. And I think if 14-year-old me could peek into the future, she wouldn’t be surprised to see me right where I belong – in front of a piano. ♥️

Here are 3 Ways You Can Start Scaling


  • Elevate your teaching skills and professional development by taking courses. (And I only say this because I’ve done so many myself, and haven’t regretted a single one!)
  • Transform your studio with quality resources that make your piano students go, “Wow, so this is where the magic happens!”
  • Use some of your revenue on marketing to reach more people in your niche!


  • Streamline your teaching methods and focus on what brings the most value.
  • Decide which tasks can be handled by others, freeing up your time for strategic planning.
  • Set clear goals and prioritize them for efficient scaling!


  • Launch that email list to connect with your audience!
  • Start a YouTube channel or Tiktok! This allows others from ALL over to connect with you, seeing your talent for themselves
  • Get active on Social Media to connect with students and teachers.

Scaling is a personal journey, and we all have our own unique experiences to share and guide others! Just a friendly reminder: you’re doing an incredible job. Keep going, and remember I’m cheering for you. 🎹✨