3 “Non Stressful” Things You Can Do This Summer To Make Next Year Amazing

You know how it goes…the recital is over, you’re finishing up your last week of lessons, the weather is ahh-mazing, and you are already thinking about how to make the most of your summer. And after all of your hard work during the year, you deserve it. It is time to RESET. Thank goodness for summers 🙏

We teachers need a physical and mental break.

Okay, I knooooow you’re ready to relax – trust me, I get it. But before you completely check out and settle in for summer, I want to share 3 non stressful things you can do this summer that will help you feel prepared for next year.

I know you are saying, “Tara, come on! I don’t want to think about teaching piano! I just hustled for 9 months, and I want to relax!!”

I know, I know!! BUT, wouldn’t it be nice to not feel stressed out at the start of the school year? 😏

You can have both!! Summer can be a LOT of fun – even when sprinkled with a little bit of work. Here are some *little* ways that I stay prepared, while still enjoying summer for all it’s worth ⬇️

Organizing 👏 is 👏 worth 👏 every 👏 second 👏 of 👏 your 👏 time. 👏

We know the school year is crazy busy and there is rarely any time to get organized. Starting is the hardest part, but your future self WILL thank you for taking the time to do this. 🙏

OH and the best part? I already got it figured out for you.

Read alllll about how to use the guide here on the blog!


Organizing and decluttering your resources is something you can do while laying out by the pool, or cuddling up on the couch catching up on your fave shows.

I love using summer to work on my personal and work development! I love to make a list of some books to read that will challenge me to grow.

One of my favorite recommendations is “You are a Badass at Making Money” This book helped me set (and stick) to my work boundaries AND helped me feel confident with raising my prices for piano.

If you have been thinking about updating your policies, then this blog is for you!

You can even check out my policies workshop where I show you my EXACT policy document that is sent out to my families!

Courses are another fantastic way to grow yourself during summer! During the year, we are SO focused on our students and doing all we can for them, that these things can fall to the back burner. Remember, summer is for YOU.

This is the perfect time for you to sign up for the course you keep saving on Instagram or book marking on your laptop!

This blog walks you through my MUST HAVE tools for teaching piano, but you will also find some of my favorite books and courses.

You can also read up on Cascade Method courses offered ⬇️


Head to your favorite coffee shop to read or brainstorm your policies while sippin’ your favorite beverage.

Self care, swim, travel, sleep in, stay in your PJs all day, hike, bike, walk, stay up late, binge TV, spend time with loved ones. Savor all the little moments the summer brings. Do the things that bring you joy!!

I know I don’t have to say too much here, but I will add this ⬇️

This summer, play piano for YOU.

Take time to remember why you teach piano in the first place – because of the instrument you fell in love with. Play the songs you love, practice composing, just PLAY

Grab some of my absolute favorite pieces to play this summer ⬇️

Hearts on Fire (from my 4th album Unchained)

Forever Loved (from my 5th album)

Any music by Yann Tiersen, Yurima, Ludovico Einaudi… I’m just obsessed with their music!


Oh wait…doing what brings us joy is always fun 😉

Even if it’s something small, you will be glad you did it! Do whatever you need to do to feel rejuvenated. 💓

Teachers, what do you do in the summer to help prep for next year?! Comment to let everyone know!