Top 10 Favorite Piano Compositions

From the very first moment my fingers touched the piano keys, I knew the piano would be a part of my life forever. Now if you would have told me that I would not only still be playing piano and writing compositions, but also teaching and owning my own piano business, there is NO way I would have believed you!!

If you are looking for some piano piece to learn (for yourself!) or for some of your more seasoned students, I have put together a list of my 10 alllllll time favorite composition pieces – including a couple I’ve written myself! I wanted to compile a list with some pieces that are unique and ones you may not have come across before!

These pieces are great to teach to students for recitals or for something they can add to their bank of pieces they love to play. I have included the link for each piece and the accompanying sheet music for some. You’ll notice that each piece is ranked for from easiest to hardest, the easiest starting at early intermediate, and hardest being advanced,  just so you have an idea if you or your student may be ready to learn the composition!

You can find most of these pieces and all 4 of my albums on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, or other digital music platforms! And follow me on Instagram on my TaraUnchained account to stay up to date with my upcoming 5th album, “Bloom.” 🤩

And remember, just like ANY skill, learning to play the piano takes time. If you or your student start to become discouraged learning a piece, do not give up!! Focus on the basics of piano and then strive to keep on improving. I have seen it time and time again — it IS possible!! You got this! 💪

Starry Night -Alexa Madison

Starry Night is a beautiful, lyrical piece by Alexa Madison that is great for early intermediate. This is a relaxing and fun composition to learn and is one that will help build confidence.

Grab the Sheet Music Here!!

River Flows In You -Yiruma

River Flows in You is a FAVE among my students! It is a pretty popular piece. Whether you play pop or classical – you have probably heard this song. I mean, it is popular because it is so BEAUTIFUL. This one can get tricky, so I recommend starting slow!!

Forever Loved -Tara Boykin

This one is loved by many teachers and I have even given it as a freebie before (just another reason to sign up for my freebies if you haven’t already! 😉)


Grab the Sheet Music Here!!

Spider Dance (Duet)

This video features one of my students, Jonah, playing this piece and he ROCKS it!! This is one of my favorites to teach and students really get a kick out of learning to play a piece with another musician! 


Cascade – Tara O’ Brien

I wrote this piece when I was 16 and it is still well loved among ALL of my students! It is one of their absolute favorite pieces to learn and they all play it at their last recital. 😍 You can find this piece – well, everywhere, LOL! 

Grab the Sheet Music Here!!

A Dark Waltz – Tara O’ Brien 

This piece is from my album Unchained and it is for more advanced piano players. However, even though it is harder to learn, it is still a really FUN piece. I thoroughly enjoy writing compositions and it is even more of a joy when I hear others playing my music!! 

Grab the Sheet Music Here!!

Unchained – Tara O’ Brien

This is another song from my album Unchained. You can listen to this entire album on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital music platforms. 

Grab the Sheet Music Here!!

Bloom – Tara Boykin

I LOVE this one – so much that is actually the title of my 5th upcoming album that I am REALLLY excited to share with everyone! 

Grab the Sheet Music Here!!

Hearts on Fire – Tara Boykin

I wrote this piece when I met Matt and it is very dear to me. ❤️ My students also love to play this one! This piece is on my album, Unchained. 

Grab the Sheet Music Here!!

Heaven’s Light – Tara Boykin 

I wrote this piece after my first miscarriage. I felt like I could just see this big, beautiful field full of colorful flowers and then a bright light from heaven coming down on them. It was like my baby was telling me that everything would be okay. This one is only on Youtube!