What you actually get in the cascade method training course

What You Actually Get In The Cascade Method Teacher Training Course

It’s true — if you’re not excited about your piano lessons, then there’s a good chance your students aren’t either. One of the biggest reasons I see piano teachers sign up for the Cascade Method Teacher Training Course is to help make their lessons more fun and exciting so that they can effectively teach their students, and develop lifelong musicians! 🎶🎶🎶

If you’ve been considering a teacher training program to help improve your lessons and grow your business, then NOW is the time to sign up! Summer is the best time to prepare for the next school year and make it your best year of teaching piano yet. There is no better feeling than having students who are excited to show up for their lessons and watching them grow into talented musicians. This fun piano method is the best way to take your lessons up a notch, with engaging, unique, and creative teaching techniques that you won’t find anywhere else! 

In order to truly engage your students, you need your lessons to be challenging but not too tough or boring. This is what sets Cascade Method apart from other teaching styles. We make learning FUN by teaching kids how to play by ear in addition to traditional piano teaching, so they can easily learn to play their favorite songs that they hear on the radio. We use the same fun teaching principles to make learning piano theory and fundamentals (AKA the boring stuff) interesting and exciting. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, wanting to get your students more involved, or needing to retain more students, this course is for you! 

What You Get in the Cascade Method Teacher Training Course

We’ve made some exciting changes to the course with the goal of making it even more valuable for our teachers.  

The recently updated Cascade Method Program is made up of 6 levels and a bonus section. This fully online course can be completed at your own schedule and pace. With engaging and informational videos, you’ll never feel alone while completing this course – I’m with you every step of the way! (Seriously, you can reach out to me at any time and you also get access to our exclusion certified teacher FB group where we all can discuss things together!)

Recent Changes to the Cascade Method Training Course 

I’ve been working hard to develop the best piano training course available, with the hopes of giving teachers the satisfaction of having students who genuinely love the piano. Nothing compares to the feeling of watching your students grow from kindergarten all the way up to college, and seeing them become well-rounded musicians who compose their own pieces. (Wanna see proof? 😏 Look into one of our longtime student’s progress here!)

I have to say… I’m SO excited about the changes we’ve made to the course. 

1.     The Bonus Section

The bonus section is one of the best parts of this course. With nearly 4,000 piano resources, this section contains ALL of the piano teaching resources you could EVER need!!! You’ll gain VIP access to our Resource Portal and private Facebook group within 30 days of enrollment, where I personally share extra tips and tricks and host monthly workshops. The resource portal is CONSTANTLY being updated with more games, sheet music, and worksheets that are BRAND NEW to our website! YOU get access to ALL our resources as they are released — THIS in itself is worth the investment! 😍👏🏻

2.     30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re nervous about committing to the Cascade Method course, rest assured that you have 30 days to decide if it’s what you want. So now, there’s truly no harm in giving it a try! 

3.     Unique payment plans to fit any budget 

You can pay for the entire Cascade Method Training Course upfront ($600) or you can break it up into $50 payments, made monthly. The cool part about paying upfront is you’ll instantly get a FREE Notematch and Piano Theory Book sent to your door! 😏Don’t worry… we’ll still give you a deal with the payment plan — after 30 days of enrolling in the program, you get 30% off NoteMatch and the Piano Theory book!

Cascade Method Teacher Training Course

Cascade Method Teacher Training Course: Module Breakdown!  

Level 1: In the first section of the course, we’ll allow you to introduce yourself and ask you to play your favorite piano song. This will give us a clear idea of your background with the piano and your current level. *Remember, this course is designed for seasoned piano teachers as well as beginners; everyone has a place here and we want to get to know your skill level so we can better assist you throughout the course! 

Level 2: Your training will truly begin in level 2, where we’ll delve into the Piano Theory Method Book. You may already have some knowledge of piano theory or none at all, but don’t worry and remember — you’re learning a whole new teaching method that will allow you to teach the same useful information, only in a fun and interesting way! We dive into advanced theory concepts yet instruct them in a very simplified way. 

Level 3: This level will continue with the second half of the Piano Theory Method Book, moving into those more advanced sections I was telling you about. All of the information that you’ll be going over in the book will be further expanded on in the accompanying videos with LOTS of case studies to check out, too!

Level 4: This is where it gets fun. Level 4 delves into our coined Pop Song Method, which is one of the most exciting parts of the Cascade Method Teacher Training Course. This section will teach you to play by ear, a method that you’ll be able to pass down to all of your students. *Hint: this is one of the main reasons why Cascade Method Teachers have a waitlist for their studios; because their students get to learn how to play all of their favorite pop songs and it keeps them coming back for more! NEW!!! You now can make the decision to enroll in our mini-course and (only) get Pop Song Certified! 

Level 5: Have you heard of NoteMatch yet? This incredibly useful tool is a tried and true method that will help your students make sense of reading sheet music. All Cascade Method teachers will need a NoteMatch tool for this level (which you can get for free if you pay in full… More on that later, though)! 

Level 6: In level 6, you’ll receive your official completion certificate (YAY!) and some extra tips and tricks to help you inspire your students to play the piano for life and brand your piano business online to attract your dream students! 

Cascade Method Course Bonus Section

But wait… There’s More! 

Here’s where the Cascade Method course really gets good. When we updated our website and course, we wanted to figure out how to make this training program even more valuable than it was before. My goal is to give piano teachers everything they need to be successful (and in turn, have successful students). In addition to everything we’ve listed, you’ll also receive:

  •     100+ Pop Song Worksheets
  •     Downloadable PDFs of ALL 15 of the Cascade Method Books
  •     Practice Worksheets
  •     Cascade Method Book Certificates
  •     Business tools to help you grow
  •     Piano games and extra printouts
  •     Social media images for Facebook and Instagram 
  •     Access to over two years of live workshops  
  •     Access to our sheet music library with over 3,500 songs!! 
  •     *COMING SOON* Boom cards

The Cascade Method Teacher Training Course WILL set you up for success! 

One of the biggest benefits of the Cascade teaching method is the Pop Song Method. This method helps teachers show their students how to play by ear, allowing them to play any and all of their favorite songs, simply by hearing it and figuring it out on their own. We now offer a mini-course, in which you can learn only the Pop Song Method. The money you spend on this course can be applied to the full Cascade Method course if you decide to complete the full course later on. This is a great first step to trying Cascade Method, without having to commit to the full course if you’re a little hesitant. 

Once you’ve become a certified Cascade Method teacher, you can sign up for our Post-Grad subscription, which allows you to continue your VIP access (with all those insane resources) for only $25/month! 

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