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Cascade Method, Redesigned! How to Navigate the New Site and All Our New Features

THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME! You are now browsing our brand new, redesigned website for Cascade Method! For the past month, I have been working nonstop to make this website launch the best it can be for our visitors and Cascade Certified teachers. I thought I’d walk you through all the new changes and cool features you can now access on the site. Yay! 💗🎶🤩🎉🥳

It was time for a Cascade Method Makeover! 

Up until 2020, we only had our staple offerings — the Cascade Method Certification Program, our Piano Theory Method Book, our piano reading tool NoteMatch, and a sheet music library. Last year, I finally let my creativity run wild and released 15 NEW PIANO BOOKS which led to new printable games, a pocket NoteMatch, and many more resources for teachers!! All of our method books stem from the original method book, Piano Theory. Although this book collection is ever-growing and I still have endless ideas for piano teaching resources in my head, I knew it was time to showcase the Cascade Method in the light that it deserves.

In order for you to trust our products and our method, I knew I needed to refresh all our offerings and our storefront! So, the Cascade Method got a full makeover!!! 🤩

Now, we can confidently say…

The Cascade Method is your trusted guide to producing well-rounded musicians who truly find true joy in playing the piano. This online piano teacher certification and ever-growing piano book collection gives you all the tools, resources, and strategies to level up your piano lessons and have students eager to learn more.

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How to Navigate the Cascade Method Site

For starters, we made sure to highlight all our main offerings and resources on the homepage. This page is where you can learn all about us, as well as browse through each section of the site. It really serves as the bulletin of what we’re all about and what we can provide to you!

Check out the home page! 

Launch Day of Cascade Method Website

Get to know the Creator! 

(That’s me!!!) I’m Tara Boykin, the owner and creator of Cascade Method. If you’ve ever wondered what experience I have or how I invented this piano method, head to the Meet Tara page! Not only do I share my background with piano, but you’ll find our company mission statement and a little personal bio on me! 😍💗

Head to Meet Tara! 

Cascade Method Creator Tara Boykin

The Training Course: You can get Cascade Certified!  

Our training course has been proven to change the trajectory of so many teacher’s businesses. Not only is this program the key to leveling up your piano business, but it also will better equip you to fully grasp and teach theory knowledge, play and teach ANY pop song, and provide LOADS of fun resources for your students. While my team has been helping design the website, I have been working on the backend of the Training Program, upgrading it to be much more inviting, aesthetically pleasing, and, of course, adding even MORE to it so it can bring you MORE value!

There are now two payment plans available and now, a brand new mini-course offering!

Look into our teacher certifications here! 

Cascade Method Teacher Training Program

I had to give NoteMatch its own landing page! 

If you’ve been following along with Cascade Method for any amount of time, you know that NoteMatch is the ONLY tool any student needs to read music in minutes! I invented this one-of-a-kind piano reading tool in 2016. It’s been a HUGE success ever since it hit the market. Piano teachers from all over swear by it and students LOVE using it during lessons. It does the entertainment for you!

Read music in less than 5 minutes! 

NoteMatch Piano Reading Tool

The Cascade Method Library! 

As mentioned above, our piano method book collection currently includes 15 books with more releases on the way! If you ever want to see all our books in one place and get a quick feel for what’s inside, this page serves as your digital library!

Look inside a few method books that interest you! 

Cascade characters holding the full Cascade Method Book Collection

The Cascade Method Online Shop! 

Probably the biggest transformation of the entire site — our digital storefront is SO much easier to navigate, browse all our different products, and checkout! With new backend features, you can easily apply coupons, see what’s in your cart at all times, and toggle around to learn more about which products you are interested in! IT’S EPIC!!!!!

Go take a look for yourself!

Cascade Method Online Piano Resources Store

The Resources Portal! 

On the Resources tab, you’ll find our blog content and our freebies portal! I put so much effort into these blogs and give SO MANY tips and tricks throughout these articles. If you ever have an in-depth question about our products, our training program, or parts of our method… I’m sure I’ve written a blog about it already. 🤣👏🏻 If you’re ever looking for something particular, use the category tabs or search tabs to find blogs relevant to your needs!

As for the freebies portal, this has been TOTALLY redone as well! All you have to do is sign up for our email list and you’ll have FULL ACCESS to our entire freebie portal, as well as be sent NEW freebies every other Friday! 🥳🤩😎

Join the Cascade Cool Kids Club here! 

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Get in touch! 

And, of course, every website needs a contact page! If you ever have any specific questions or would just like to chat with me, I am VERY responsive. I want to make Cascade Method the best experience it can be for others so if you ever have any questions or just want to provide feedback, you can always submit a contact form and I (seriously) will answer within 48 hours!!

An Overview of All Our New Cascade Method Features! 

Aside from navigation, I wanted to also touch on the new features and changes we made to the business model overall.

  1. Our Full Training Program has been updated and optimized!
    This means that all new teachers and current certified members will access a new and improved portal for the training program. It’s easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and I even added in more resources, video tutorials, and lessons involving our new books!
  2. We are NOW offering a mini-course – A Pop Song ONLY Certification!!!
    If you have been interested in learning how to play and teach ANY pop song by ear, this mini-course is just what you need. Our most popular and sought-after teaching technique, the pop song method is truly the secret sauce to getting any and all students hooked on playing the piano. If you aren’t incorporating modern-day music into your lessons, you are missing out on SO much potential business. This course is the easiest and fastest way to learn this method and start implementing it into your lessons ASAP! (BONUS! You can upgrade to the full training course at any time and apply the cost of the mini-course as credit!!!)
  3. The Shopping Experience has been optimized!
    You can easily navigate through all our products and see all our offerings on one page. From our own method books to piano teaching games to sheet music, the online shop has it all!
  4. Look inside ANY of our method books before purchasing!
    On the Library page, you can look inside each of our books to get a true feel of what you’re buying. Our books are known to be super fun and colorful but see for yourself! They are filled with engaging exercises and opportunities to color, pair with other piano tools, piano gaming apps, and much more!
  5. The VIP Resource Portal and Freebie Portal are INSANE VALUE.
    As mentioned above, ANYONE can access our entire freebie portal by signing up for our emails but… not everyone gets the luxury of having FULL access to our ENTIRE RESOURCE PORTAL. Yes. You heard that right. Once you are 30 days into the training program, you will have the opportunity to unlock all Cascade Method resources (and new resources as they are released)! Also, once you’re a certified teacher, you can sign up for the post-grad monthly membership/subscription that allows you to continue your FULL access. With close to 4,000 resources, I’m pretty sure the monthly fee is well worth it.

Cascade Method Redesigned: Before & After!

Now you have seen the incredible makeover of the Cascade Method site and all the new features and opportunities that it can provide for YOUR piano teaching business! I want to quickly shout out Katie from @thecollectivesourceco for her incredible gift with words and the amazing copy on my website. And also, to Laura at Be Digital Marketing Co. for her amazing website design!! This site truly showcases the personality and passion I have for teaching piano! 🎶 If you ever decide to create/redesign a website or need help with writing for your business, these two ladies are a DREAM TEAM! 🌟🥳🙌🏼🙏🏼 SO grateful for all the time and heart put into it. They’ve gone above and beyond for me. 😭🙏🏼 

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Cascade Method Redesigned Launch Graphics

Alright, teachers! I’ll leave you to it! I hope you have LOADS of FUN while visiting Cascade Method! Thank you SO much for being here and please help us share this launch!!! Below, you can download these Instagram Story graphics to share to your IG stories! BE SURE TO TAG US SO WE CAN RESHARE YOUR POST! We would greatly appreciate all the help and support we can get!!!


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