How I'm Balancing Business with Baby

How I’m Balancing my Business and Baby

I haven’t shared a personal update on the blog since I announced I was pregnant to begin with! So, I wanted to take the time to share how I’m balancing my business with baby, now that he’s actually here! 😍 Whether you’re expecting or you’re still trying to learn how to balance a career with children, hopefully, my new experience of motherhood can inspire you and help you in some way. We’re all in this together! Motherhood is definitely no joke. 😂👏🏻

Baby Update: All About Little Jordan 

Jordan is already six months now which is hard to believe. I know it’s cliche but all parents can relate — it really does go by so fast. My husband and I look back on pictures from a couple of months ago and he’s already doubled in size! Watching him grow before our eyes is definitely surreal but every day, we get to see more of who he is becoming and I’m just so blessed to be his mom. ❤️

Aside from being a chunky monkey, Jordan has seriously been such a happy baby so far! Many parents say we’re lucky because he has such a calm temperament (the majority of the time), which we are grateful for. I will say, I’m definitely happy the newborn phase of NO sleep is over. As of right now, it’s still a rarity that I get 5-8 hours of sleep straight but when I do, boy, do I take advantage of it! 😍😴

Baby Jordan Boykin

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it took a lot to finally get Jordan here. I had two miscarriages before him and to finally have him in my arms is the best feeling ever. Sure, there are times that I get frustrated and stressed, but I really believe that a lot of the reason Jordan has been such an “easy” baby is because of how much we have longed for this season of life. There is nothing more I’ve ever wanted to be than a mom. Since COVID happened in the middle of my pregnancy and is still going on, I’ve had the opportunity to really soak in all the sweet little moments which I can’t begin to explain my gratitude. I know not everyone has that luxury, but now that I am building the family of my dreams, I realize what’s most important. I’ve always loved my work so, so much but being a mom has been my lifelong dream. I work so hard to make my business successful so I can BE around for my kids and I can provide for them so they never have to worry during their upbringing. 

Now, let’s talk business.
How I’m Balancing My Work Schedule with Baby 

So, I’m working as much as I was before Jordan’s arrival. I still have 30 students that I teach piano lessons to each week, yet we are still completely online due to COVID which makes this actually possible. Ha! 🤣 I officially went back to work after seven weeks. My work schedule has definitely changed. I used to drive to each of my students throughout the full week. The pandemic allowed me to transition all piano lessons online before baby (which I didn’t realize would be such a Godsend). So, once my seven weeks of maternity leave were up, I jam-packed my schedule for online lessons between Monday and Wednesday — for all 30 of my students. 

Tara balancing business and baby

I can typically manage Jordan during all my morning lessons on Monday and Tuesday. I have 13 students on Mondays, 12 on Tuesdays, and 6 on Wednesdays. The only reason I can manage mornings is because I’ll wake up and go straight to teaching while I’m still breastfeeding. If Jordan starts to get fussy, I just start feeding him and then he’ll usually pass back out. 😂 This works for now in the mornings, but then my mother-in-law comes to help in the early afternoon and evenings which has been a lifesaver. It’s definitely hard to use my hands, show kid’s books, and play games with a baby by my side, so I’ll take all the help I can get! 😂 

This method clearly won’t work forever but I’m choosing to take one day at a time and we will adapt as needed. I will say, my husband, Matt, is such a rockstar of a dad. Not only does he change 99% of diapers, he takes Jordan when he’s becoming too fussy while I’m teaching. I obviously can’t mute myself while teaching, so Matt will take over and make little Jordy happy. 

I promise you I’m not some Super Mom that has it all figured out with this perfect, happy baby. (He is perfect to me but you know what I mean! 😉) Without my husband, our help from family, and the ability to teach online, I would not be balancing all of this as well as I am at this stage of Jordan’s life. Matt is seriously the best dad ever and I couldn’t do any of this without him. I am so grateful that he is the father of my child. I truly won the lottery with both of these guys! 💙😍

I’m still making time for scaling my business with baby, too!

Teaching piano lessons is just one of the many ways my business runs. I try and manage all emails either 30 minutes before I start teaching, or as soon as I have a 15-30 minute window in between students. It’s hard on Mondays and Tuesdays since I have back-to-back lessons with so many students — it’s literally nonstop from 10 AM all the way to 8 PM! I barely have any breaks but when I do, I’m either eating, answering emails, or doing the quickest workout on the planet. 😂👏🏻

Come Wednesday, since I only have six students to teach, it’s a little calmer. Unless I have my once-a-month Cascade Method Training Workshop, Wednesdays are my “chill” days! Honestly, the reason Wednesdays are so chill for me is thanks to my mom. She comes every Wednesday to help with Jordan and she not only handles him, but she’ll cook for us, help pick up, and even give him a bath! 😭😍👏🏻 My mom continues to amaze me as a parent even to this day. The way she takes care of Jordan makes me realize how much I’ve learned from her. I’m so grateful for all my helpful family! 😭

Once Thursday rolls around, I’m strictly managing. This is when I work on Cascade Method, create new games and resources for piano teachers, laminate and cut out those things I’ve just created, and sometimes, if I feel like working out, I’m more likely to do it later in the week. I’ll ask Matt for a break and sometimes, it’s just to do absolutely nothing! But I try to be mindful because Matt is in property management and has to be more diligent with his work schedule. 

If I’m being honest, I work on Cascade Method Thursday through Sunday when I get inspired. I absolutely love what I do and creating new resources and books for piano teachers and my students is fun to me! This is WHY I started my own business so I don’t mind my work. I want to be successful so I can always take care of my growing family and be present in their lives — each phase of their lives. The Cascade Method is what will ultimately make me do that so you betcha I’m still pushing out new tools, resources, and books!

The Hardest Part In Balancing My Business with Baby 

Definitely, the hardest part about being a mom, in general, is not being able to do everything I want, when I want and on my own time. As much as I love being a mom, I also love to work and get things done. I’m really considered a work-a-holic! Before Jordan, I could answer emails whenever I needed to, work on things whenever the creativity sparked, workout when I actually felt like it, 😂 and much more. I’ve just had to adapt to having a baby.

Naptime Hustle and the Power Hour is Real 

I’m definitely able to get more done when Jordan naps! I will say, outside of the naptime hustle, the BEST purchase we ever made was the Jolly Jumper! It can sometimes give us an HOUR of “hands-free time” which is A LOT! I totally understand the power hour magic now! 😂

The jumper and this piano mat that Mary gave me, who is one of the Cascade Certified teachers in my program, have both been a LIFESAVER! When I teach, I alternate between both of those and my arms/feedings to keep him calm. Mary has several children and grandchildren of her own, and said the piano mat was a hit with ALL of them! So, she was nice enough to send me one and she was right! Jordan absolutely LOVES it and it has given me so much freedom! It’s just a perk that it happens to be piano-themed! 😍😍😍 We’re teaching him young! 

So, the biggest frustration for me is how long things take now. Everything in my life just doesn’t get done as fast as I would like it to, or some of it just has to wait until he falls asleep or till tomorrow! However, I always get it done and I have realized more than anything that I just have to be patient. Motherhood, combined with COVID, has taught me to slow down. My main priority is to be present with my child. The rest can wait and I know I will get it done. No one is hurting if it takes me a tad bit longer… As long as I continue to remind myself that, I choose to not get overwhelmed or frustrated. I’m just lucky to have the flexibility I do and be at home with my baby. I truly can’t complain.

My Advice for All the Working Mothers:
Take it One Day At A Time 

Whether you’re a first-time mom or you have a whole gang of kiddos, each child is different and each experience of raising them is going to be a little different! I think it’s always a new experience but since this is my first baby, I’m giving myself a lot of grace and recognizing that this is all new to me. I’m choosing to go with the flow and figure it out as I go! I just want to keep being able to teach and bring in an income for my family so I can provide for my kids.

I am doing ALL OF THIS for them. I have everything I want. I just want more kids. 😂 Being a mom is all I’ve ever wanted and I am so blessed to be doing something I love while earning an income from it. I love teaching and I love giving other teachers resources to make more kiddos out there have fun while learning the piano. I’m lucky to have what’s considered an “easy baby.” I feel if he were difficult, this blog post could be written a whole lot different but long story short, I’m still able to do everything I did before, just at a touch slower pace. 

Motherhood is no joke and running a business is no joke, but the two don’t have to clash! Create a balance that works for you! I hope this inspired you in some way. As parents, you learn to make it work and it may not be perfect, but it’s so freakin worth it. 

It’s my cue to be done. This kid is hungry!!! 

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