NOW is the Time to Join This Piano Training Program

Setting expectations and resolutions for a new year is always super exciting and motivating. However, how long do you normally make it until you fall behind on all your “big plans?” We all do it. We feel the hype from everyone else and we decide to put a million different new things on our plate, just to be reminded that although it’s a new year- there’s still only the same 24 hours in a single day! 

I can’t tell you the secret sauce to conquering all your new resolutions and goals, but I do have a secret formula to one thing… and that’s teaching piano the fun way.

I don’t want to bore you with another article and countless social media posts that push you to crush your goals and shoot for the stars this new year. I want to give you a practical way to grow this next year. I’m sharing this with you because I know for a fact that if you joined the Cascade Method Training Program, your piano career will flourish. And for a bonus… you may just have a lot more fun! ?

How do you teach piano the fun way?

It’s actually really simple… by making it fun! The traditional way to teach piano involves a huge stack of boring piano theory books, filled with dingy, black and white pages of sheet music. Most of the music that is filled within these books are classical, outdated, and somewhat depressing in the perspective of a beginner pianist. 

Don’t get me wrong- I’m in love with the piano classics, but it’s because I understand the musical power behind the song. I understand the different types of beauty that exist within each song because of the instrument.

Most of your students, especially beginners, do not grasp that feeling when they hear Beethoven. Not yet, at least. That’s why you have to teach them in a way that makes it fun, exciting, and engaging for them.

Student using The Cascade Method Piano Theory Book to learn piano

The Cascade Method Piano Training Program 

You probably teach piano because you love it. That’s why I started taking on students at 14! Every piano teacher understands the beauty within the instrument, but you have to remember that your students are new to this intimidating thing and they’re not you. 

When I started playing the piano, I didn’t have the best experience in the beginning. Once my mom found out I had a huge interest in piano, she found a piano teacher. I would cry on my way to every single lesson. The memory of driving to my teacher’s house still reminds me of this dark, black energy. It’s all I could see when I thought of lessons. I stopped lessons for a couple of months until my mom found another teacher. This teacher is by far one of the reasons I’m the pianist I am today. She made piano fun and non-threatening. If it wasn’t for that second time around, I don’t know if I’d be playing anymore…

But, there’s no doubt that I loved the piano from the very beginning. The person teaching me definitely had an impact on learning the instrument though, and that’s why I believe in sharing a fun method for all teachers.

Grand piano showcasing Notematch and The Cascade Method Book Collection

I am 1000% confident that this method can make anyone a piano lover.  

So, what is Cascade Method?!

Cascade Method is a revolutionary way to teach piano. Students love learning to read notes, play new songs, and delve into music theory. With this method, we emphasize positive reinforcement and FUN techniques. We love to inspire students to discover the magic of piano and develop a lifelong passion for creating their own music.

In other words, Cascade Method is a movement that seeks to keep piano alive in the modern age by meeting the students of this age where they’re at and playing in a way that resonated with them. 

How do you learn the Cascade Method? 

You can learn this fun piano method by becoming a member of the Cascade Method Training Program. The Training Program is designed for piano enthusiasts who have the desire to pass on their love for piano to future generations. 

Whether you’re a piano teacher, an aspiring teacher, or you have little-to-zero piano knowledge and want to take up a hobby or learn to teach your kids, this is the program for you!

Throughout this certification, you will be trained by me- Tara, Founder of The Cascade Method, on how to instruct your students in a fun way. The Cascade Method Training Course is broken down into six modules/levels.

With over 130 course units throughout the program, hundreds of video training, and free tools and resources that align with the method, you will become the most fun piano teacher with ease! 

Tara, Founder of The Cascade Method Training Program, teaching a student piano

Why join this Piano Training Program now?

I’m not telling you to join the program now because it’s a new year. Although that is a good enough reason to join now, that’s not it. 

Now is the time to join because The Cascade Method is going to have its biggest year yet and you need to be a part of it. Major growth is expected in 2020 for The Cascade Method and if you join in on the fun, that means YOU will experience major growth in 2020. 

What’s different from previous years? 

Well, let’s see… in 2020, we launched an entire Cascade Method Book Collection! As of right now, we have 16 different books! Some include the Cascade Method Piano Theory Book,  Christmas Favorites Book 1, Student Duets 1, and 100 Days to Practice

When you sign up as a Cascade Method Training Member, you will receive a FREE Piano Theory Book and NoteMatch! Once you see the success that comes from these items, you’ll be so excited to hear that there’s more to purchase for your lessons! 

Cue all the new year resolutions… 

As you make your way into this new year, we hope that you take a deeper look at where the future is headed. We live in such a fast-paced world and I like to think of the piano as my escape. The piano keeps me grounded and reminds me of the simple beauty within each note that’s played. I want to expand my efforts at giving this escape to more students and I need your help! Join this Piano Training Program! 

Cue the new year resolutions- Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope you to celebrate with you! 

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