The Ultimate Gift You Can Give to Yourself, Your Students, and Your Studio

As Christmas comes to a close and everyone gets ready to bring in the new year, we’re here to shed some light on the ultimate gift for all the piano teachers out there. We’re still feeling the Christmas spirit, but we’re also getting ready for big things in 2020. Piano teachers, this is the best gift you could get for yourself, your students, and your studio as you begin a brand new year with endless opportunity. 

What’s this gift you speak of? A Piano Teacher Program!

Well, I’m glad you asked! First and foremost, I just want to say that I’m not trying to sell you on anything that I don’t think would benefit you to the highest ability. 

We just got through the heavy spending season and I’m not trying to mark up my products because you’re in the mood to buy, buy, buy! I’m actually doing the exact opposite! 

I have a program that can help you make more money, keep long-term clients, and grow your piano teaching career to the point where you need a waitlist.

So, yes. The gift I speak of is the Cascade Method Piano Teacher Training Program. It’s truly not for me, it’s all for you. 

Why I created Cascade Method 

You may not know this, but I have my own music school in the Bay Area, Cascade Melody School School of Music (with 10 teachers and about 100 students) that used to take up my schedule full-time. I now have a virtual assistant that helps me balance it all but I still have students that I teach piano every week. I still have a growing waitlist of new students that are wanting to work with me and I’m not slowing down! 

I’m not much different than you. I don’t need you to buy my training program. I desperately WANT you to buy my training program because I know it will help you, your students, and your studio.


The Mission of Cascade Method 

The sole purpose of all of this is to help people understand that the piano can be fun- that piano is fun! I put my heart, soul, and mind into this program so that it could serve each member to the best of my ability. I spent countless hours recording videos of my various methods and writing explanations for lessons. I’ve added over 3500+ sheets of music into the training program that you have access to the minute you sign up! (Not to mention, I’m constantly adding new piano sheets, piano games, recorded live workshops, and so much more to my inventory! Therefore, you are constantly receiving more resources for as long as you’re enrolled in the program and you can have a chance to stay put afterward, as well! 

In all seriousness, this piano teacher training is honestly priceless. I made it affordable for a reason because I wanted people to just take the training, but it has years and years of experience, practice, and proven methods that work. It wasn’t about the income behind it- it was about the movement that needed to be shared- that piano is FUN!

How this piano teaching program will change you, your students, and your studio. 

I can’t make any promises but I’m almost 100-percent positive that you will experience more excitement in your lessons, more eagerness from your students, and more growth in your studio (if you have a studio).

If you don’t have a studio- who knows! After taking this training, you may have to get one! 😉

I genuinely believe whole-heartedly in this method. I’ve watched my school grow, thrive, and expand so much over the years that, at times, it was overwhelming! In a good way- of course, but isn’t that what every piano teacher dreams of? A flood of students eager to learn and play this beautiful instrument? 

What you get when you join the Cascade Method Piano Training Program:

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Whether you pay monthly or you pay a one-time fee, you will receive all the same perks. I never wanted money to be a factor that holds teachers back from taking this training. That’s why I created a flexible payment plan! 

As I mentioned earlier, you can continue your subscription after the training to access it at all times, constantly browse the growing music sheet inventory and join the exclusive FB group where I give monthly live workshops, freebies, and much more! 

Lastly, for those of you who pay for the program in full,  you’’ll receive a FREE NoteMatch and Cascade Method Piano Theory Book! Your students will LOVE NoteMatch and all the colorful characters and pictures throughout the piano theory book. This is like no other out there… it’s actually fun and colorful! 


What’s stopping you?

Look, I get it. Investing in something can be scary. I, too, am always cautious about where I spend my money. That’s why I have a 30 day money back guarantee

You’ll have access inside the program and see all the value that’s within each module. Now that you know my intention behind the program, as well as get an inside scoop, I think it’s safe to say there’s nothing stopping you other than not enough convincing 😉 So here’s my last shot!

The Cascade Teacher Training Program is the ultimate gift that could change the entire trajectory of your lessons and piano teaching career as a whole. Make this your New Year’s Resolution to be better and fast-growing! Think of it as a delayed Christmas gift to yourself or a fresh start to the future you wish to see for your career. 

So, my final question is… are you ready?
I hope to see you inside!
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