EXCITING NEWS: A Cascade Method Piano Book Collection Coming 2020!

You know how they say a lot can happen in the last 90 days of the year? Well, Cascade Method is experiencing that first-hand! We are thrilled to announce that come January there will be THREE NEW BOOKS to pair with The Cascade Method Piano Theory Book! In 2020, we will officially have a Cascade Method Piano Book Collection that every piano teacher will want their hands on!

A FUN Piano Book Collection? Here’s the inside scoop!

I’m always thinking of new ways to make learning piano not only fun but more practical. In October, I finally figured out how I wanted to release and separate my different ideas into books. All of a sudden, I found myself building a Cascade Method Book Collection! 

Here’s the inside scoop on each book and what you can expect inside each. I can’t wait to see how much these books help students and teachers expand in their practice!!


1. Chords 1
In October, I shared my method for teaching students C major and C minor chords. Get your free chords worksheet downloads in that blog post! I received such great feedback that I decided I was going to make a “Cascade Book Part 2” that focused solely on chords training! Instead of calling it Cascade Part 2, I thought it would be better to call it “Chords 1.” Inside the Cascade Method Piano Theory Book, I have one page that is dedicated to chord training. In this new book, I’m going to expand on that one page and teach everything there is to KNOW about triads.

This book will reinforce chord reading, how to notice chords throughout a piece and understanding chord patterns. It will run through all the “white chords,” as in C major/minor, D major/minor; all the way up to B major/minor! The book will include little pieces to reinforce each chord. NoteMatch will be a huge help to learn all these chords with ease as well. Once a student has gone through this book, recognizing chords will be a piece of cake and make their reading THAT much better!

Young boy playing piano using NoteMatch and The Cascade Method Piano Theory Book

2. Student Duets Book 1
The Student Duet Book will be focusing on scales! This book will show students how you can easily make music and play pieces knowing a scale. The best part about this book is that students will learn to play songs so easily!
Oscar the Otter in the Student Duets Book
It’s full of beautiful music that sounds super impressive, especially when accompanied by teachers! At the end of the day, students love to show off and feel proud of their work- this book will allow them to feel that way more often.

Not to mention, we’ll be introducing a new character throughout this book… Oscar, the Otter! As many of you know, Oliva the Octopus is the star in the Piano Theory Book, but she now has a friend! (This keeps kids interested, too!)We are SO excited to already have this book available for purchase as an ebook! A printed copy will be coming soon! ?

3. Christmas Book 1 Pop Song Method: White Keys
This is (obviously) a book filled with Christmas music! ❤️??? The format is similar to my “Pop Song Method”- if you’re not sure what my pop song method is… check out that blog 😉 These songs are designed for beginner students. The goal is to help reinforce the white keys, and of course, give students a huge confidence booster! With this method, your new students can literally learn the whole book in a matter of weeks! Talk about exciting! Olivia the Octopus and Oscar the Otter have even more friends with the release of the Christmas book! I’m introducing FOUR new characters in this book! I can’t wait for you to meet Penny the Penguin, PB the Polar Bear, and his two baby twins PBJ (PB junior) and Peanut!

Christmas Book 1 Cover

Every kid wants to be able to play songs quickly and this is one way I like to show that they can. Of course, it’s important to maintain pieces with real notes which we do! I give a student a Christmas song with real sheet music, one that’s a little hard to learn but will push them to get better. And then alongside that, they can learn 12 other Christmas songs, some of them even on their own!!! That way, when Christmas comes around, students can give a performance with tons of songs, instead of just one!

Do I need to have the first book before I buy the collection?

The Cascade Method Piano Theory Book is the bread and butter to my piano training method. If you want to truly learn how to teach piano in a fun way, that’s what the theory book is for. The Teacher Training Program dives through the entire book, as well as other methods that I’ve created over the years to make myself the best piano teacher I can be!

Student using NoteMatch and the cascade method book collection

With that being said, I really wanted to create books that were also self-explanatory. The Chords 1 book will pull directly from the piano theory book, specifically the chords page. The other books are meant to be available for teachers everywhere with all types of different teaching backgrounds. With this collection, there will be little to no explanation needed.

So, the short answer is no. You don’t need the piano theory book to purchase any of these books! They all work individually, yet still provide an overall fun teaching method! These books are meant to be short, sweet, and fun! They are a derivative of the Piano Theory book, but the first book is where everything is laid out entirely. These books give you a glimpse of the fun that’s within the Cascade book and can be self-taught. 🙂


The question we’ve all been waiting for! Lucky for you, Christmas Favorites Book 1 will be launched THIS month!!! In honor of the holiday season, I want to go ahead and release it to the market as soon as possible! 

YOU CAN PREORDER YOUR VERY OWN COPY TODAY! (And it’s on major sale till Christmas).

The Cascade Method Christmas Book 1 Cover

The Student Duets Book is already available as an ebook, but a physical copy will be ready for purchase at the same time as my Chords 1 Book. These two will be the last to release on January 27, 2019. (In honor of my birthday!) ❤️

Thank you for all your support! 

I’m looking forward to another year of even more FUN! I’m so grateful to every teacher, student, and family that have supported my passion for piano and believed in the Cascade Method with me. I know that it can change the trajectory of your teaching career… if you let it. I hope to be apart of your 2020 and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

With love, Tara ❤️

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    This is so great!! Love them all. Now this is your next project? your own Cascade Piano Book series that would go hand in hand with Cascade Method Book. ????

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      that is my dream Mary!!! YES!!!! Working towards that!!! Just tons of fun books that help encourage kiddos to keep playing piano and see how fun it truly can be!

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