What’s included in The Cascade Method Piano Book Collection? Find out here!

It’s been a couple of months since I shared a blog post with you guys! Being seven months pregnant and on summer break myself, I thought we could all use a little space for other things. I’ve spent my summer days soaking up every moment with my growing baby boy and hubby, as well as with my computer… (guilty 🙈). The good news is I was busy growing The Cascade Method Piano Book Collection for YOU! 

This summer, we’ll release a total of THREE MORE BOOKS to the overall collection! 😮📚🤩‼️

Yep, you read that right. The Cascade Method Piano Book Collection is continuing to grow. I’m so excited about the launch this month of our NoteMatch Book 1! This book is going to be a HUGE success at helping piano students read music effortlessly and (of course) in a fun way! I thought, what better way to reintroduce blogging than by giving the full scoop on the book collection?! 

So, without further ado, I’m giving a little deeper detail into each book right here so you can have all the details in one place! Browse through the piano book collection below and get ready for the school year by stocking up now! This collection has everything you need to teach your students piano fluently and with FUN! 

Let’s get to it! 

What’s New to the Piano Book Collection? 

I want to start by announcing the newest releases to the collection because I’m so excited about these! If you love The Cascade Method book series so far, you’re going to REALLY love these new additions, especially NoteMatch Book 1!!! This book is something that I’ve wanted to create ever since I started my own teaching method and now, it’s finally here! Eeee! ☺️


NoteMatch Book 1

All piano teachers know how easy it is for kids to get stuck on reading notes or bored/defeated in learning notes. This process takes a little patience, which we all know can be hard on both student and teacher! So, how do we get children engaged in learning the necessary foundation to piano? Through the interactive piano reading workbook… NoteMatch Book 1! Duh! 🤩

Cascade Method Books Notematch


This workbook is the easiest way to learn to read notes. It pairs up perfectly with the reading tool NoteMatch, as well as the music note reading game Note Rush! With this colorful and comprehensive book, your students will learn to read all 21 notes on the NoteMatch tool efficiently and enjoyably. I KNOW this book is going to be the ultimate resource for all piano students. It was just released last week!! Get your hands on it NOW before it sells out! 

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Children’s Songbook for Beginners

Cascade Method Books Children's Songbook

For all the believers out there… 👼🏼✨🙏 This songbook was created in collaboration with Aubree VanTienderen, owner of Aubree’s Piano Studio, and a member of The Cascade Method Teacher Training Program. She gathered 22 favorite beginner-level hymns and songs to make up this jam-packed and joyful songbook.

If your child is just starting out, this book is a great pick and it allows little pianists to embrace the gospel with ease!  

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The Full Cascade Method Piano Book Collection

If you’re new to the Cascade Method community, then welcome! I wanted to introduce the new releases to all my seasoned readers but the piano book collection offers much more than just that! Here are all the other books within the collection that teach piano to kids in creative and FUN ways. These include duets, chord training, fun practice challenges, and much more! 


Cascade Method Books Piano TheoryPiano Theory

Of all the fun and helpful Cascade Method piano books, my Piano Theory book is definitely the best place to start. It’s the first book that The Cascade Method ever published, so it’s really the foundation of the entire collection. 🧡 This theory book is unlike others. It’s colorful, interactive, and FUN! It teaches a selection of classic songs using Cascade Method teaching techniques. Students will learn advanced theory without even realizing it!

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Student Duets Book 1: Pop Song Method Cascade Method Books Student Duets Pop Song

This book contains duets by real-life students of the Cascade Method — how cool is that?! If there’s anything I’ve learned about teaching piano to kids, you have to keep it entertaining, and one way to definitely make it more fun is through playing with them! This songbook will inspire student duos to create beautiful music of their own, using our original teaching technique, the Pop Song Method! You can also teach your students these duets by listening on our Youtube Channel, Apple Music, or our Spotify playlist!!!

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Cascade Method Books Student Duets TraditionalStudent Duets Book 1: Traditional Sheet Music

In this student duets book, it’s exactly like the one above, but published under a different format with traditional sheet music! For those of you who are not familiar with my Pop Song Method, you will most likely prefer this version of the duet book. Keep in mind that the duets range from no sharps and flats, to at least three sharps and flats. This should help you decide who would best benefit from this book in regards to their piano level! Recordings of each duet can be heard on Youtube, Spotify, or Apple Music!

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Beginner Piano Book Cascade Method Books Beginner Piano

This piano book allows new students to get a running start at playing a variety of piano songs! It includes  27 songs that are surprisingly easy to follow and learn, thanks to The Cascade Method Pop Song Method! Your child will feel so proud knowing they can play so many songs so quickly in their practice! 

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Cascade Method Books ChordsChords 1 

This workbook teaches students the ins-and-outs of learning chords. This thorough workbook teaches students every fundamental involving chords, ranging from C major and C minor; D major and D minor; all the way to B major and B minor! With a four-step framework for each given chord and additional bonus pages that are filled with fun, interactive practicing, your students will not only remember all their chords, but also enjoy learning them! 

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Monthly Practice Challenges Cascade Method Books Monthly Practice

All kids love a fun challenge, especially when there’s an incentive. This coloring book lets students color in monthly-themed designs on the days of the month they practice. The goal is to practice each day so they can complete the full picture by the end of the month! Not only does this encourage students to practice piano, but it also teaches them accountability, and makes “homework” a little more fun! 

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Cascade Method Books 100 Days of Practice100 Days of Practice 

This is also a coloring book that encourages students to reach 100 days of practice to complete one, beautiful picture! The monthly practice coloring book was designed for younger students who may not have the patience to wait 100 days to see the final picture. This coloring book is great for your older students!

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Christmas Book 1Cascade Method Books Christmas

Who doesn’t love a little Christmas cheer? This book is filled with the cutest illustrations and 18 Christmas classics we all know and love. Using The Cascade Method Pop Song Method teaching, students can learn all the Christmas classics right before the holidays with ease! 

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There’s More to Come in This Piano Book Collection! 

Oh yes, there’s more to come. There are so many possibilities and ideas still brewing in my mind for this collection, but I can at least let you in on the next book that will be released very, very soon! 🤩

Next up on deck is Piano Favorites, a classic choice for older beginner students!

Piano Favorites Piano Favorites

From Beethoven to movie theme songs, this book includes a wide range of universal favorites! Best suited for ages 8 and up, Piano Favorites helps students learn to play impressive, world-renowned pieces quickly and easily. By learning notes as they are physically written out, this book’s teaching format takes away the difficulty of rhythm while reinforcing the simplicity of ear training. 

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Full Cascade Method Piano Book Collection Banner

Piano Has Never Been More Fun

Methods aside, the best way to teach piano is by making it fun. The Cascade Method piano book collection makes piano a smooth process through easy-to-read layouts, colorful imagery, and challenging games. 

The best part? These books are only one-click away on Amazon or our very own Cascade Method Shop! Thank you SO much for supporting our business and teaching piano the FUN way! 🎉🎉🎉

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