What Cascade Certified could mean for your business?

What Cascade Certified Could Mean For Your Piano Business: Hear From Teachers in the Program

To be completely transparent with you, I want you to register for the piano teacher training program but it’s not for the reason that you probably think it is. I’ve put my heart, soul, and mind into this online program for the last four years. This is seriously an accumulation of all my experience from the past 19 years. I’ve taught piano lessons since I was 14 years old—I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I started curating my own teaching method and saw how successful it was with every single student I introduced it to. 

I knew I needed to share it with others, so I invented the Cascade Method. After years of perfecting my craft and promoting this program, I am honored to say there are roughly 20 piano teachers who are completing our online program and becoming fully Cascade Method Certified! 🎉

The program has never been about the money… 

I have my own music school and teach my own roster of students. I don’t need you to buy my program, but I desperately want you to because I know it will help grow your business/studio and keep your student’s wanting more! 

From the beginning, our mission has always been to help students become well-rounded musicians who are sincerely passionate about playing the piano. 

I’ve already shared my perspective on how this program can level up your piano lessons. I have no doubt that implementing this method into your piano lessons could mean big things for your business! 

I can continue to tell you how valuable this program is and how successful it can be, but hearing it from other piano teachers (within and outside of my network) that are just like you may be just what you need to really consider it for yourself!

We interviewed a few teachers who decided to join in on the fun and get Cascade Method Certified. These teachers are from all different backgrounds and age groups. Read along to hear their exact experiences in taking the course, implementing the techniques into their lessons, and much more! 

Meet Mary Ely

A retired piano teacher from North Carolina 

Mary Ely found out about the Cascade Method through our Instagram. She started following along, became intrigued, and decided to start the training program with a free-month trial. Once Mary began the modules, she was hooked. Now, she knows the Cascade Method inside and out! She uses the entire Cascade Method book collection, teaches with our piano reading tool, NoteMatch, and knows how to teach and learn songs (including pop songs) by ear! 

🎶 Mary first heard about the Cascade Method on Instagram when Tara [Founder] was introducing Notematch and the Cascade Method Theory book.  

“The Cascade Method is the easiest method when introducing piano to any child or adult. One does not have to introduce all the terminology to the student in the beginning. One learns to play songs in the first lesson following The Cascade Method!”

🎶 Mary has seen the most success in teaching theory from this program. Mary says her students now have an interest in learning theory/writing parts of music in their lessons! 

✅ Mary recommends the Cascade Method! 

“I am so glad I went through the program. I learned so much as a college graduate of music and wish this had been presented to me while in college. We only learned anything that had to do with Classical music including writing music. Chords were not pushed to learn. We were never given the opportunity to write music unless it was writing music in a classical style such as Baroque. One is never too old to learn new things. Since I have a deep love for music, this program added a fulfillment. I continue to broaden my musical abilities and have loved every part of this program. I learned a lot I didn’t know!”
– Mary Ely, age 65 

Watch Mary Ely teach using the Cascade Method Pop Song Method!

Meet Giselle Farnsworth

Current Student of The Cascade Method turned Piano Teacher, from California 

Giselle started teaching piano lessons to her own students at the beginning of 2019. For the past 10 years, Giselle has been a student of the Cascade Method! Now a senior in high school, Giselle is excited to teach her own roster of students the Cascade Method way. Although Giselle is a part of my music school, she’s experienced different piano programs and teachers prior to joining the Cascade Method. Here’s her unique perspective from student to teacher… 

🎶 Before Giselle was a student of Cascade Melody, she tried multiple other piano studios/programs. Her parents really wanted her to play an instrument but she hated going to lessons. She shares, “after my first lesson with Tara, I was in LOVE with piano!!!!”

Giselle says the main reason she likes teaching with the Cascade Method is because she loves the freedom and excitement that comes from it. Students get to choose what they want to play. For instance, if a student isn’t wanting to play classical music one day, then we can focus on a pop song. “Learning how to read music is interesting and fun with the Cascade Method, rather than boring and too hard.”

🎶 Giselle says the best part of being a teacher in this program is watching her students grow and learn without even realizing that what they are doing is so impressive. They are too busy having so much fun they don’t even realize that they are actually getting better each lesson! 

✅ Giselle recommends the Cascade Method! 

“I would 100% recommend this training to other piano teachers. Not only is it important for the student to learn this way, it can change the teachers point of view of piano! I have some families where the parents are musicians and after the first lesson, they look at me and are amazed and ask something like, “I can’t believe I have never thought of this before!?”
– Giselle Farnsworth, age 17  

Meet Ann-Marie Paxton 

SAHM, Active Cascade Method Trainee from Elberta, AL 

Ann-Marie is still in the process of completing the training program, but she is WEEKS AWAY from being fully certified! Currently raising her little one at home full time, she’s completing our course for when she’s ready to start teaching lessons again. Ann-Marie is taking her knowledge to a whole other level. Her plan is to open a “Cascade Method” studio where she hires other teachers to use all the Cascade Method resources as well! 

Ann-Marie sees the value in this program and wants to start her own miniature franchise! This has been my dream for the Cascade Method. There’s nothing I want more than for teachers all over to teach with this method! She’s currently developing a website that explains how she teaches with the Cascade Method. Check it out here! 

✅ Ann-Marie recommends the Cascade Method! 

“I started the Cascade Method fully believing in Tara’s philosophy of making piano fun but when I worked through each module I was blown away with the details, resources, and information she provides to help you teach her method. When I finished my training I felt completely confident, equipped, and excited to start my Cascade studio!”
– Ann-Marie Paxton, age 29

The CM online training program is designed for piano teachers who want to inspire students to discover the magic of piano and develop a lifelong passion for creating their own music.

When you become Cascade Method Certified, you join a passionate, like-minded community! 

I want to reiterate again how I don’t do this for the money. Everything I do is stemming from an unwavering passion for the piano. All the teachers who have completed my course or implemented parts of the Cascade Method into their lessons have become my dear friends. I’ve built a special bond with each and every one of them! 

This training course may be virtual, but we stay very connected. If a teacher ever has any questions regarding the program, I will walk them through it in more depth. We host monthly workshops in our private FB group, there is over 3,500 FREE sheet music in the program’s library that each teacher has full access to, and we are constantly promoting each other’s businesses on social media! 

In all seriousness, this piano teacher training is honestly priceless. I made it affordable for a reason because I want you to just take the training!!! It has years and years of experience, practice, and proven methods that work. It wasn’t about the income behind it—it was about the movement that needed to be shared—that piano is FUN!

Cascade Method Certified Teachers Exclusive Access Benefits

Become a Cascade Method Certified Teacher in 2021 ✨🎶✨

Consider joining us! We are passionate educators that just so happen to have a lot of fun! If you head over to the Cascade Method training course page, you can grab all the information on course details and price. We even have a three-day trial code available because we’re THAT confident in what we’re teaching. 

Check out the inside of the program by using the code FREETRIAL at checkout! 

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Sign up for the Cascade Method Teacher Training Program and pay just $25/month! We currently offer monthly payment plans of $50/month but to make this training even more affordable, we are in the process of offering another payment plan. 

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I hope to see you inside! Have a great 2021! 


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